Asset Management

As an investment, your property needs to perform. This is where Safland excels – servicing the total lifecycle of an asset from design, development, maintenance through to possible disposal.

Working from the premise that a performing tenant is a true asset, we incorporate micro and macro-economic social infuences to minimise any risk and ensure a stable and proftable investment property. We do this through creative solutions, solid research and years of experience and passion.

Safland Asset Management comprises of:

  • Raising of capital (debt & equity)
  • Competitive cost of capital
  • Efficient capital structuring (debt and equity structuring)
  • Risk mitigation
  • Portfolio Theory, LT leasing, high national tenant mix
  • Comprehensive pre-vetting of tenants
  • Due diligence on acquisitions
  • Financial modelling – projections of individual assets and consolidated assets
  • Benchmarking international best practices
  • Efficient tax structures for properties
  • Monthly management reporting
  • Quarterly shareholder/stakeholder reporting
  • Accounts up to including Financial Statements (Income Statement, Balance
  • Sheet and Cash Flow Statements)

Property Management

Safland aims to assist corporate and individual investors by

optimising property value and minimise risk and increase income to

the said portfolio. Alternative methods of income generation are

continuously investigated and cost reduction material investigated.

Safland’s fnancial, budgeting and software service offering consist of

a complete set of reports which are distributed and discussed in our

monthly management meetings with each client. The client has full

access to our services during a month and does not need to wait for

month-end meetings.

“Safland provides a complete Property Management solution to the Namibian and Botswana market. We are the specialists in Body Corporate Management, Home Owners Association Management, Asset Management, Development Management, Facility Management as well as Lease Management.”

At Safland, we have refned and streamlined the property management process through expertise, experience and using the most efficient data capturing systems. With these systems in place, clients can obtain information regarding their properties throughout the entire month. Some of the systems and reports which we provide to our clients are listed below*:

  • Budget presentation
  • Tenant Age Analysis (Arrears)
  • Supplier Age Analysis
  • KPI – Expenses vs Recoveries
  • KPI – Credit Control (Arrears)
  • KPI – Facilities Management

Lease Management

Our team manages thousands of square meters of property including residential, retail and commercial spaces. The portfolios we manage include apartment blocks, town houses, low, mid, and high-rise office buildings, retail centres, shopping malls, offices and warehouse facilities and other properties throughout Southern Africa. Over the years we have accumulated frst-hand experience of the unique challenges of commercial property and asset management. Applying a strategic approach to leasing while reducing costs to maximise property value is one of the team’s greatest assets.

Safland Leasing division is without a doubt one of the most experienced teams in Southern Africa with over 100 years leasing experience within the group. In addition, we have unparalleled relationships with National, Government and regional large footprint office, retail, and industrial tenants.

Property Leasing

The value of your property is based on the quality and stability of your income stream. Finding the right quality and mix of tenants is therefore paramount. Relationships are built over time and there is no substitute for experience. SAFLAND offers an unrivalled 100 years combined retail tenant experience in African markets with established relationships with all the leading shop brands. By incorporating design and layout, allocation of retailers, preparation of marketing materials and the functionality of the centre itself, we optimise and assist in making decisions that are benefcial to the people in the area, as well as the owners of the property.

Development Management

Property Development

Research is the key to any successful venture. Especially when developing land, you need to know your market – their habits, rituals, shopping patterns, LSM groups, religion, age and anything else that can help you predict a tenant mix that suits the needs of their customers in the area.

Through our extensive database, knowledge of new retailers and trends, good relations, understanding of national, international as well as the local population, we are able to channel it all into proftable functionality and a customer base resulting in high trading volumes as well as a good return on investment.

Development Management:

– Secure the land

– Ensure zoning and rights are in place

– Transfer the property into the most efficient holding vehicle

– Prepare development/project feasibility analysis (incl. QS estimate)

– Appoint and manage the professional team

– Ensure that the property is developed within budget and on time

– Manage the development budget via cost report

– Ensure development complies with all statutory requirements

– Ensure successful handover of the completed development

– Monthly management reporting

– Quarterly shareholder/stakeholder reporting

Project Management

Property Development

The relationship between the developer, the retailer and the future consumer can make or break a project. Safland has negotiated these waters with success, by applying its combined experience and knowledge to a range of local and international projects for Government, local authorities, development companies and parastatal organisations.

Our project managers are certifed by the Project Management Institute as Project Management professionals and are PRINCE2 qualifed.

Services include land identifcation, consultants planning, the tender process, appointment of contractors, construction supervision and fnal handover to clients.

Facility Management

Our Facilities Management team has a proud record in guiding and managing the operations and maintenance of buildings, precincts and community infrastructure on behalf of property owners. It plays a vital role in the realisation of strategic and operational objectives of business, government and the wider community.

The Facilities Manager organises, controls and coordinates the strategic and operational management of buildings and facilities to ensure the proper and efficient operation of all its physical aspects, creating and sustaining safe and productive environments for tenants.

Facility Management Services include, but is not limited to:

  • Building management control
  • Building Code and Regulatory Compliance
  • Building repairs and maintenance
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Security for occupants & assets
  • Maintenance planning
  • Waste management
  • Record keeping (legal requirements, monitoring)
  • Reducing operational & life cycle costs
  • Risk management
  • Space management (effective utilisation of space)
  • Sustainability projects & implementation
  • Tracking & recording energy & water consumption
  • Oversee capital or maintenance projects
  • Tenant Coordination (New & Old)
  • Contract and contractor management
  • Energy and water management (lighting use, etc)
  • Essential services provision (fre systems, etc)

Body Corporate and HOA Management

At Safland, communication between Trustees of a Body Corporate, or Directors of Homeowners Associations and our management team is viewed as the foundation of our service offering. We believe that Body Corporates and Homeowners Associations cannot be managed by rule of thumb, or that a single management methodology or model can be applied.

Every scheme is unique and our services are tailored to suit the needs of the development. We further strive to fnd solutions to the challenges associated with communal living, enabling us to provide our clients with peace of mind.

Safland’s objective is to plan, build and maintain an administrative service solution that conforms to the prerequisites of Cost Effectivity, Reliability and Scalability.

We believe that every residential environment is looking to establish a management solution in line with the status the scheme has within the local area and a style of management that ensures that the administration and management of the community or portfolio’s affairs are in hand and under proper control.

Tenant Co-ordination

Maximising each project to its full potential relies on aligning ownership goals with retailer objectives. It’s about timing. Getting it right, every time, on time.

Through our tenant co-ordination services we act as interpreter between developer, landlord, main contractor, tenant contractors and internal construction management staff, ironing out any problems whilst providing value added solutions that span the full spectrum of detailed shop ftting, signage, design criteria and co- ordinating the project schedule.

We create order, so you don’t have to.

Residential Sales and Rentals

Our agency division understands that selling and letting is not about pushing a product to a client, but it is about providing a solution to a customer need. We service commercial, industrial, retail and residential properties.

Our key strengths are:

  • Knowledge-driven team-based approach to solving customer property needs
  • Southern African footprints
  • Database of high quality office and industrial properties available to let
  • Working relationships with major listed and unlisted property funds
  • Comprehensive in-house research and analysis capabilities
  • Well established relationship with leading regional retailers


We offer professional real estate valuation and advisory services. Our team includes chartered surveyors, professional valuers and graduates registered with REIB and REAC.

Our services include:

  • Valuation of land and buildings
  • Valuation for sales and acquisitions, fnancial reporting, rental, rating and insurance purposes
  • Due-diligence audits for property acquisitions
  • Professional advice on other property-related matters

Our Clients

Financial Institutions
Corporate entities
Government departments
Educational institutions
Research centres
Local Investors
International Investors

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