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Body Corporate & HOA Management

At Safland, communication between Trustees of a Body Corporate, or Directors of Homeowners Associations and our management team is viewed as the foundation of our service offering. We believe that Body Corporates and Homeowners Associations cannot be managed by rule of thumb, or that a single management methodology or model can be applied.

Every scheme is unique and our services are tailored to suit the needs of the development. We further strive to fnd solutions to the challenges associated with communal living, enabling us to provide our clients with peace of mind.

Safland’s objective is to plan, build and maintain an administrative service solution that conforms to the prerequisites of Cost Effectivity, Reliability and Scalability.

We believe that every residential environment is looking to establish a management solution in line with the status the scheme has within the local area and a style of management that ensures that the administration and management of the community or portfolio’s affairs are in hand and under proper control.

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